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Github sync for in-console editing flow - prod/dev creation flow.

Many users use, or would like to use, github for version control of their workflow (and saved queries).

Related, for the new version of the workflow UI, currently the user must save a new version of a workflow to Treasure Data in order to run it. This makes it difficult to separate out "dev" vs "prod" environments.

As such, it'd be nice if both saved queries and workflow had a flow where:
1) users can "save" workflows in development, and run those outside of a "production" set of resources/data environment
2) Users can then "commit" those changes to production once the changes are proven satisfactory within development
3) These commit changes are saved and managed in github, for all the version-control benefits that provides.

  • Rob Parrish
  • Jun 14 2017
  • Likely to Implement
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