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Workflow Test Mode


Currently, we have a good way to develop a same workflow on several environments; production / staging / development.



When we develop a workflow, we want to change a credential and a connection info for production / staging / development.

For now. we have only 2 ways

1 - Create several same workflows to use different credential and connection info.

2 - Change a secret parameter at each situation; development -> staging -> production

But, both have cons.

1 - Difficult to maintain different workflows for each environment. And it would cause a bug.

2 - It's difficult to change a production workflow. Because we need to change a credential on production.

What we want?

We want to test/develop a workflow more easily on Sever/Local.

It would be nice if we can change development mode like Rails?.

  • Toru Takahashi
  • Mar 13 2017
  • Under Review