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Run digfile for Testing and Production with almost same dig file



In order to develop a workflow, we would like to test the workflow file on local.

After finished a test, we push it to TD's sever.


While we test it on local, we often don't want to use INSERT INTO for production database.


Expected Results

- Support Testing mode for Local mode.

If it's enabled in dig file, "td wf run" use a specified database or "td wf run" can't insert data to TD.

timezone: America/Los_Angeles
mode: testing
  td>: queries/step2.sql
  insert_into: mytable # When testing mode, insert into doesn't work



- Support new variable for local/server

${run_on_server} -> true/false


  • Toru Takahashi
  • Jan 30 2017
  • Likely to Implement
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