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secrets for global variables

Currently, secrets is defined for each Operator. For example, aws.access-key-id can use for "s3_waits>" Operator only.

If user want to hide setting on other Operator, secrets for global variables are very convenience.

For example, td> Operator use aws.access-key-id for result_url: 

  • Satoru Kamikaseda
  • Oct 14 2016
  • Shipped
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Product Component Workflow Core
  • Jun 13, 2017

    Admin Response

    Secrets can be used as parameters within your workflow - regardless of the operator. Please see an example with `td_load>` operator & your S3 credentials here:

  • Satoru Kamikaseda commented
    February 10, 2017 04:02

    Currently, we can use Secrets in other Operator.