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none-blocker dependency for failed jobs

I think there is one important point I'd like to ask (in case it exists already) : is it possible to make a none-blocker dependency. Saying we have the below job (dummy example) : 
    _parallel: True
        td_run>: query_job1
        td_run>: query_job2
        td_run>: query_job3
        td_run>: query_tableau_report
The report is using here the calculations done by the 3 previous jobs (which are storing their results in some table). if one of the 3 jobs fail, the 2 other will keep going but then the following part of the workflow (depending of "+calculations") will not run (the session will fail) . 
Would it be possible to make something like : 
        td_run>: query_tableau_report
In that way, i would report in tableau the data from the successful jobs and i'll have to handle the failed one later (but at least the successfull data is ready). 
(this could even be set as an option for the entire worklow if it's too complex to have it for each part of it)
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  • Sep 2 2016
  • Under Review
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