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Supports TD_TIME_BEWEEN or BETWEEN supports Time Index Pushdown

TD_TIME_RANGE function is similar to BETWEEN function in RDB.
But, there is difference between them.

- TD_TIME_RANGE supports begin <= time < end
- BETWEEN supports begin <= time <= end

But, some of us uses it as wrong usage.
For example,
TD_TIME_RANGE(time, '2016-01-01 00:00:00', '2016-01-01 23:59:59')

The reason is there is no function in other databases.
So, it would be nice if TD UDF support TD_TIME_BETWEEN which is similar function to BETWEEN.
TD_TIME_BETWEEN supports begin <= time <= end.
Or it would be nice if BETWEEN function supports TIME INDEX PUSHDOWN.

  • Treasure Data Engineering
  • Jun 10 2016
  • Likely to Implement