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Update comments and descriptions from command line

We save our table definitions and schema in source control.  Also we use the CLI to create new tables because it is much faster to use 'vi' to edit and set up the schema than it is to do it with clicks in the console.  Unfortunately, we can't set comments and descriptions on any of the objects we create from the CLI, we have to go in and create them by hand in the console, which is tedious and not easily stashed with the create scripts in source control.

The comments are very valuable to help the team understand why certain tables and databases and columns exist, what they are for, and whether they can or should be purged or deleted at some point in the future.


  • Rick Otten
  • Sep 1 2016
  • Rick Otten commented
    September 2, 2016 02:33

    Additionally, when I create a new table by doing a 'create table as select', I'd like to be able annotate that new table programmatically.  It would be great if the python api let us retrieve the comments and descriptions from the source table and columns and then put new and improved comments and descriptions on the new objects.