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Rework the td>: result_output: option to not be dependent on the CLI URL

Currently, if you want to run a query that sends the output using result output in Digdag, you must know the complete cli url and add that as a cleartext string in your digdag.yml file. This is problematic for two reasons:

1) The insecurity of potentially having API keys, user names and passwords stored on a server in clear text. 

2) The new Treasure Data Console does not allow you to see the cli url for a result output query because the reason #1. 

I will leave up the design of how to use result output to the engineers, but there is a secure workaround. Creating a saved query in the Treasure Data console that outputs to the desired destination. However, more technical and advanced users of Digdag probably won't appreciate having to have their workflow logic living in two places at once. 

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  • May 13 2016
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