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Recently Hand Entered Queries - Trouble returning to ad hoc work

While there are a number of ways to do this, it would be nice to be able to return within the console to the last couple ad hoc jobs you've run.  This is impossible generally because of jobs getting buried under reoccuring jobs -- 

I actually this could be under the jobs section...or even in the query section!

 Are we some how logging how the job originated in the backend data store of jobs?


 I believe the types are:

  1. via ad hoc query (with "query chain" id)
  2. via saved query (with saved query id),
  3. via saved query that is reoccuring (with saved query id)
  4. via api call,
  5. via workflow (with workflow id)

Just a couple thoughts. If nothing else, maybe we can start logging this detail so we can (down the line) get this going :)


  • Guest
  • Sep 27 2016
  • Under Review