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Filter / Search my last hand entered queries

I have a lot of trouble picking up where I left off on my ad-hoc analytics.

  • There is a high volume of scheduled queries and data connector import jobs that quickly bury my ad-hoc queries in the jobs view.
  • Since I'm often interrupted and need to go back to my previous stopping point a couple hours /  days later, it is almost impossible to do this!
  • The current filters are only for user, database, and status (not helpful because a lot of those jobs are in my account, the database is mostly the same 'sfdc', and status doesn't help me get back to my workstream
  • Infitite scroll isn't my friend either!

This means I end up having to re-create the work (up to my stopping point).... because of the high degree of difficulty / time / annoyance.


This happens all the time and is quite frustrating :(

  • Noah Barr
  • Jun 22 2016
  • Under Review
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