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Export report's table to new/existing/connector-linked TD table

Users of Treasure Reporting sometimes need to export the table (or raw data table of the chart) on their report.

For now, there are two options to export a table, csv and xls but if users can export the table to TD direct it would be really helpful to automate lots of data driven work.

Actually, EDA(Exploratory Data Analysis) using Treasure Reporting has a perfect fit with this kind of feature for most of users who don't know to use SQL

For example, EDA for email marketing campaign response using Treasure Reporting needs to be linked to the next task of audience building. To do that, user has to export the result of EDA to csv and then upload it to TD and then link it to Mailchimp or Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector. If we can export it to Mailchimp or SMC connector linked TD table, email campaign automation is really easy even for one who doesn't know SQL. They just need to know visualized EDA with Treasure Reporting.

I heard that this scenario is quite good from some prospects and customers.

  • Dylan Ko
  • Aug 19 2017